First Choice Neurology

Physician Opportunities

First Choice Neurology, was formed in 2003 and became operational in 2004 in response to South Florida’s increasing need for high-quality neurology services. Currently, First Choice Neurology is comprised of over 80 Neurologists as well as diagnostic and rehabilitative services. We are a multi-specialty, primary neurologist practice that started in Florida and currently serves 6 Florida counties.

• 80+ Neurologists / 80+ Providers in 40+ Centers
• Owners are all of the partner Neurologists
• All Partners own equal equity in the partnership
• Physician-Owned / Physician-Managed Group Practice
• You manage your location and staff
• Your individual assets remain yours



What do you get with First Choice Neurology?

• Control of your office
• Retain your office protocols
• Retain your staff
• Manage yourself
• Collaborate with others


Security of Size

• Contract with every payer
• Q-Metric reporting
• MACRA-MIPS / APM Compliance
• Reduced malpractice cost
• Support with audits


Neurologists and Physician Opportunities

Physicians for traditional office practice and hospital coverage. Neurologists to work as Neuro-Hospitalists for emergency room and hospital.

Lanny E. Pauley, Chief Operating Officer
(786) 924-1311

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