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First Choice Neurology Introduces Neuro2Go

First Choice Neurology, the nation’s largest single-specialty private neurology provider, announces the launch of Neuro2Go, an on-demand, face-to-face chat service which offers health consumers everywhere the opportunity to discuss a neurologic concern with a board-certified adult or pediatric neurologist.

Neuro2Go Virtual Neurology Visit

How is Neuro2Go different from a telehealth appointment?

Neuro2Go differs from a traditional office or telehealth encounter, whereby a patient is scheduled, insurance is utilized, and there is a comprehensive medical history and physical examination typically followed by complex medical decision making.

Neuro2Go bypasses all this, providing individuals quick and affordable access to nationally recognized neurologists who will provide up-to-the-minute neurologic information and next-step recommendations.

No insurance is used or required. A fee of $95 is paid by the customer at the time of scheduling. Same and next weekday appointments are available.

Worries about a family member with memory loss, persistent headache, dizziness, recent seizure, COVID-19 long-haulers, or any adult or pediatric neurologic condition are quickly addressed in this face-to-face audiovisual encounter.

Dr. Jeff Gelblum, a board member of First Choice Neurology, states that “Neuro2Go provides everyone immediate access to our team of top-notch neurologists to rapidly address a neurologic concern. Individuals without health insurance or who don’t have the opportunity to schedule a regular in-person or telehealth appointment can have their issue addressed quickly with appropriate recommendations for further evaluation.”

Since the launch a few weeks ago, the Neuro2Go website has been busy scheduling individuals for next-day face-to-face encounters to address their concerns of memory loss, persistent headaches, childhood seizures, dizziness, pain, long-haulers, and everything neurologic.

Gelblum states that “folks are happy to pay $95 for easy access to a board-certified neurologist to have their immediate worries addressed. If the situation warrants, these individuals are scheduled into one of our 41 offices for traditional neurologic evaluation and management. If the patient resides far away, we provide recommendations for further assessment in their community.”

First Choice Neurology has been approached by hospital networks, employer organizations, and pharmaceutical companies to interface the Neuro2Go platform to their customers. Gelblum is excited about this new trend of consumer-focused health care which is affordable, quick, and not weighed down by insurance constraints. He believes that Neuro2Go will “markedly transform the delivery paradigm of neurologic health care.”

Schedule your Neuro2Go virtual visit

Neuro2Go is your online opportunity to meet with one of our neurologists on a virtual basis. During your interactive video session, we will discuss the symptoms that are bothering you or a loved one. Same and next weekday appointments available.  Click to Schedule Neuro2Go.

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