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Neurologist Reviews

Below are neurologist reviews from some of our patients, as well as reviews for physical therapy and our MRI center. If you would like to submit a review, please click on the image below for Google, Yelp or Facebook.

Aventura Neurologists Reviews

Dr. Jeffrey Gelblum TestimonialJeffrey Gelblum, MD
I have been working with Dr. Jeff Gelblum and his staff since January of this year. He has saved my life!! I was experiencing a full onset of Parkinson's Like symptoms just out of the blue. He treated me right away, did extensive tests, and determined how I can now manage a Parkinson's like tremor or twitch, BUT with his expertise, my condition is manageable! Thank you, Dr. Jeff! You are my Angel of Mercy!!!

- Anne Mary

Raul Grosz, MD
After 6 years of being misdiagnosed with chronic sinusitis, I was finally referred to a Neurologist and within three months, Dr. Grosz finally helped get me on the right regimen and treatment to alleviate the constant pain. He really helped me get back to daily life! The office staff is great too, especially Emily and Rodney! Highly recommend!
- Carly Kaplan

Julie Schwartzbard, MD
The time of my appointment was kept promptly. The staff was excellent friendly and professional. The doctor herself took as much time with me as was needed answered every one of my questions even the ones I repeated two and three times. Altogether a wonderful experience and I’m very lucky to have found this neurologist.
- Neil Ostroff

Leonard Cohen, MD
From the moment you meet Dr. Cohen, you know you have met somebody that can truly understand where you have been and what you can do! He is the best in the business, a doctor that will tell you truth, and work with you to realize it! He takes care of my family and he knows each of us better than we know ourselves. I highly recommend Dr. Cohen and the entire team at First Choice Neurology.
- Larry Michelson

Luis I. Becerra, MD
Dr. Becerra is extremely knowledgeable and takes plenty of time explaining and ordering tests if necessary!!! He's worked all around the world and it shows in the way he treats people!
Kristy S.


Boca Raton Neurologists Reviews

Renata Chalfin, MD
I had a tele conference with Dr. Chalfin this week, it was my first time meeting her and she made me feel so relaxed. The appointment was very thorough, not rushed and quite lighthearted. I’m so pleased to have found Dr. Chalfin (referred by my GP). Greta, Dr. Chaflin’s assistant was very nice.
- Linda Dyson

Brian Costell, MD
Excellent Doctor! He really took his time to explain my test results and my prognosis. Very patient and caring. His PA, Ashley, was also super patient and informative!! Highly recommend. Thank you.
- Sanford Geraci


Coconut Creek Neurologist Review

Michelle Ferreira, DO
Dr. Ferreira has been my doctor for the past 7 years, she is so knowledgeable, caring, and her staff is friendly and very helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Ferreira!
- Sassy Squatch


Coral Gables Neurologist Review

Dr. Bertha Fonseca Review
Dr. Fonseca is one of the best in her field, my wife has been under her care for more than four years. She is always looking out for which is the best medication for my wife. She is very professional who care a lot about her patients and their well-being. And a great listener when we express our concern about certain questions that we might have regarding the progress of my wife health circumstances and offer a solution and best professional advice on what to do or not what to do.
- Douglas Borge




Miami Neurologists Reviews

Dr. Carlos Ramirez-Calderon Review
Dr. Carlos Ramírez Calderon was my sister Eva's Neurologist for many years. During that time I came to know him as well. We are both very grateful for his wonderful, excellent care. Eva was suffering greatly, but she always found him to be a welcome ray of sunshine in her life. He is a kind, caring and extremely compassionate physician and a highly qualified expert in his Specialty. Most importantly, he is the kind of doctor who always takes the time to listen to his patients. It can be a true comfort to a patient to realize that they have been heard and that their concerns and worries are being addressed. Both my sister and I have recommended him many times and have referred many friends, family and acquaintances to him. Although Eva is gone now, her final days, weeks and months were made almost tolerable by his wonderful care. I will continue to recommend him to anyone in need. Thank you, Dr. Carlos Ramírez Calderon. I am forever grateful.
- Ketrin M. Aude, M.D.

Dr. Paul Damski Review
Dr. Damski saved my son’s life in February 2017 by starting his treatment immediately. He is fully recovered, and we are here for follow up today.
- Zohreh Ebrahimi

Dr. Victor Faradji Review
After falling off my bike and suffering a concussion, I ended up with vertigo. I dealt with it for almost 3 months and finally was told about Dr. Faradji. He was a life changer! I found out I had vertigo in both ears and after my first appt, I felt almost normal again!! He was extremely thorough, and I highly recommend him and the entire First Choice team.
- Lisa Murphy

Dr. Andrew Lerman Review
If I could give 10 stars I would. Excellent service, the staff is very friendly, caring and sweet. I have been a patient for over 2 years. Best neurologist ever. Staff at both locations are sweet. Dr. Lerman is very talented. Very skilled, patient, listens to everything. Dr. Lerman builds a personal relationship with his patients and it’s very much appreciated!
- Shanel Carter

Dr. Alberto Pinzon Review
Dr. Pinzon is incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate. He listens to my concerns and also tries to ensure that all of my questions are addressed. He had taken care of me through diagnosis through several medication adjustments and I know that he's got my back.
- Shannan Dooley Carmona


Palm Beach Gardens Neurologist Reviews

Dr. Jennifer Buczyner Review
Dr. Buczyner is wonderful and compassionate
- Susan Reingold

Dr. David Silvers Review
I have severe peripheral neuropathy and have had excellent care while living in NJ. I now reside full time here and this was my first appointment with Dr. Silvers. He was a graduate of Princeton University, Tufts Medical School, and his neurology residency was at Harvard. He spent one hour and 15 min with me, was extremely thorough in his history documentation, proposed some innovative solutions to my problems and was a sincere, caring, competent physician. I highly recommend him to any of my friends inquiring about a neurologist.
- Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick


Pembroke Pines Neurologist Review

Dr. Margarita Almeida El-Ramey Review
Dr. Almeida El-Ramey is patient and a great doctor. She has the right answers to all the questions I've asked about my epilepsy. No matter how many patients she has, she always finds a way to speak to every one of them.
- Aribelle Pena


Royal Palm Beach Neurologist Reviews

Dr. Craig Senzon Review
Dr. Senzon is a great doctor. He takes his time with his patients, does his best to get to the bottom of what may be ailing you and never pushes medications at all. When he is needed or something is needed from his office, they are very responsive. He is the best neurologist I have gone to.
- Dalia Paratore


Tampa Neurologist Review

Dr. Mark Cascione Review
Dr. Cascione is the best doctor I have been to since my diagnosis of MS 4 years ago. Very kind, knowledgeable and down to earth as well. never had an issue with him.
- Junior Unruly

Physical Therapy Reviews


Hello Ms. Brinegar,

In these days, when everyone is prompted to give a complaint at the most insignificant dissatisfaction, it is more than a duty to give praise when a great service has been received.
My husband and myself have just finished with a series of therapy sessions at First Choice Neurology Group, each with our own different issues. We are extremely satisfied with the type of relief we are feeling at the end of our therapy.

Although I consider all the therapists to be of excellent quality, I want to especially mention Manny Padin and Ismael Perez; they were mostly in charge of us and always, each on his own way, provided the right approach to us to make us feel, in my case, stronger and therefore reducing in a great deal my aches and pains and in my husband’s case reducing the general weakness after stroke. We even got “homework” to do at home to continue improving.

I also saw how the rest of the therapists treated other patients, all with special care and friendliness.

But these comments would not be complete if I do not mention how alluring was to us to come to this therapy center every week. We find this place to be very professional but with a great happy and friendly ambiance. We always looked forward to the days we had to do therapy.

Doris, at the front desk, has always been very accommodating with the appointments and always with a nice smile. The same with other assistants.

Angie was the therapist that evaluated me the very first day and the last day of my session and took note of my improvement. She was always very attentive to my progress.

In summary, I give 5 stars to First Choice Therapy Group and highly recommended it!

- Sylvia Viyella and Alfredo Rodriguez


Therapy Department,
Heartfelt thanks for all you have done. Thank you for your assistance in returning me to better health. You all are the best!
- P. P. Q.


Thank you for these amazing 6 weeks. Every day has been a new challenge for me. Your excellent teaching skills and personality has helped me tremendously all this time. I really have learned a lot from you.
- A. H.

MRI Center Review

Very lovely customer services the staff are amazing best experience ever when I got my MRI done.
- Johanna Delacruz

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