MRI Center

The MRI Center at First Choice Neurology is located at 4601 Ponce De Leon Boulevard, Suite 100 in Coral Gables, Florida is permanently closed.

Patients will still have access to request their MRI images by calling (786) 219-3145 and picking up the CD at 9090 SW 87th Court, Suite 201.

If you have questions about your MRI scan or where to get a new MRI, email or call (786) 219-3145.


First Choice MRI

An MRI is an important tool to help your doctor make an accurate diagnosis. The MRI consists of two parts: the image and the read. It is critical that the image quality be high so that it can be properly interpreted. It is also critical that the read be accurate and complete.  An open MRI is helpful for those with a fear of closed spaces and for large individuals.

Questions about MRI Scans

Exactly what is an MRI? Magnetic resonance imaging is a non-invasive medical test using a powerful magnetic field in conjunction with radio frequency waves; it does not use X-ray imaging. The highly defined images show great detail from many angles and can help your doctor diagnose and monitor treatment for a wide variety of diseases and conditions. An MRI is a less invasive and more precise alternative to an X-ray, angiography and CT scanning.

What is it like to have an MRI? You will lie on a padded, moveable examination table. While an image is being recorded, you must remain completely still.  You will hear a slight tapping or thumping sound. Our MRI units are equipped with an integrated communication system, so your technologist will be able to hear you and speak with you at all times.

Contact First Choice Neurology at (786) 219-3145 if you have questions about your MRI scan or where to go for a new MRI. You can also email us at email