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Multiple Sclerosis Centers

Our Multiple Sclerosis Centers operate in affiliation with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Partners in Multiple Sclerosis Care are healthcare providers who have demonstrated knowledge and expertise in treating patients with MS. Our Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Centers help connect our patients to information, resources, and support available to live their lives with MS.


First Choice Neurology has 3 Multiple Sclerosis Centers located in Boca Raton, Coral Gables, and Miami, Florida. Our MS Specialists are committed to the highest standards of excellence and offer a full spectrum of care to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of individuals affected by Multiple Sclerosis.

Dr. Carlos Ramirez-Calderon sees patients at his office located at 9240 Sunset Drive, Suite 238 in Miami. Dr. Bertha Fonseca sees patients at her office located at 747 Ponce De Leon Blvd., Suite 411 in Coral Gables. Dr. Channa Kolb-Sobieraj and Dr. Brian Steingo see patients at 9970 Central Park Boulevard, Suite 207 in Boca Raton, FL.

Multiple Sclerosis Center Services

First Choice Neurology Comprehensive Multiple Sclerosis Center services include:
Multiple Sclerosis diagnoses
MS second opinion
Ongoing MS medical and symptom management
Patient and family education about Multiple Sclerosis

Additional services provided at this facility include:
Physical therapy
Social work services
Occupational therapy


Coral Gables MS Center
Bertha C. Fonseca, MD, MSCS

MS Center Medical Staff

A neurologist functions as the leader of the MS team. As a specialist in diseases of the nervous system, a neurologist will diagnose MS, identify treatment strategies, and coordinate treatment with other members of the team. Our medical staff is comprised of the following Neurologists specializing in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis; Howard Zwibel, M.D. Founding Director Emeritus, Carlos Ramirez-Calderon, MD Director of Clinical Affairs, and Bertha C. Fonseca, MD, MSCS. There is also a  Neuro-Radiologist, MS Nurse Specialist, Social Worker, Case Manager, Physical Therapists, and Occupational Therapists, in a Outpatient Rehab center.

Contact First Choice Neurology Comprehensive Multiple Sclerosis Center at (305) 412-6363 to make an appointment with Dr. Carlos Ramirez-Calderon, or (305) 444-4175 to make an appointment with Dr. Bertha Fonseca.


Boca Raton Multiple Sclerosis Center

Our Boca Raton Multiple Sclerosis Center has two neurologists, Dr. Brian Steingo and Dr. Channa Kolb-Sobieraj, and a Neuropsychologist, Meghan Jacobs, PsyD., and other support staff. The Boca Raton MS Center also has infusion therapy for patients.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Steingo or Dr. Kolb-Sobieraj, call (561) 482-1027.

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