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BAN2401 Study

First Choice Neurology is participating in an FDA-approved Phase III clinical trial to determine the benefit of an experimental product, BAN2401.

What is BAN2401BAN2401 is a new class of human-derived antibody which prevents the deposition of beta-amyloid on brain cells. Beta-amyloid build-up on brain cells is implicated in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s. Drug safety data looks good and it seems well tolerated in preliminary studies. Ban2401 is given biweekly and then monthly via IV infusion. The drug sponsor is Eisai.

Miami neurologist, Dr. Jeffrey Gelblum, is a study investigator who is involved in recruiting patients for this protocol. Dr. Gelblum explains, “BAN2401 represents a major milestone in developing disease-modifying treatments against Alzheimer’s. Thus far, existing medications have only been able to alleviate some of the symptoms of the disease but not impact its debilitating course. Now we have fresh hope to offer something which might actually slow the progression.”

As with any clinical trial, study enrollees are randomized to receive either BAN2401 or a placebo. Neither the patient nor Dr. Gelblum will know who is in which group until the study concludes in mid 2021.

The BAN2401 study is limited to 800 enrollees and is filling up fast. A neurologic evaluation is the first step to determine the patient’s suitability, and Dr. Gelblum’s office is eager to provide this on an expedited basis. Please call: 305-936-9393 to schedule an appointment, and mention “BAN2401”.

Frequently Asked Questions about BAN2401

BAN2401 Study Florida Location

BAN2401 Study locationFirst Choice Neurology – Aventura Neurology
Dr. Jeffrey Gelblum
2801 NE 213 Street, Suite 1004
Aventura, FL 33180
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