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HAPPIN Study Seeks Patients with Idiopathic Neuropathy

First Choice Neurology is launching the HAPPIN Study (Hereditary Amyloid Polyneuropathy Prevalence in Idiopathic Neuropathy). It is the nation’s first research study of the prevalence of hereditary amyloid neuropathy. Doctors at First Choice Neurology will be evaluating a large group of patients with idiopathic neuropathy to determine if they possess a hereditary marker for amyloid …

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National Neuropathy Awareness Week

National Neuropathy Awareness Week is observed from May 12 to May 16. Over 20 million Americans are suffering from neuropathy, also called peripheral neuropathy. Neuropathy occurs in 60% to 70% of people with diabetes. What is Peripheral Neuropathy? Peripheral neuropathy is one of the most common chronic neurological diseases and is often misdiagnosed. It is …

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