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First Choice Neurology Now Accepting Florida Blue

Florida BlueFirst Choice Neurology is excited to announce that it has partnered with Florida Blue, expanding access to top-tier neurological care throughout Florida.

This collaboration between the largest neurology group in the U.S. and Florida Blue, the state’s largest provider of individual marketplace plans, is a significant step towards ensuring that patients have access to high-quality care without financial constraints.

With over 90 neurologists and 60 Care Centers spread across multiple counties in Florida, First Choice Neurology has been a leader in providing specialized care to patients with neurological conditions. By accepting Florida Blue, patients can now benefit from the expertise of First Choice Neurology’s renowned neurologists while enjoying comprehensive coverage provided by Florida Blue.

Dr. Jennifer Buczyner, Neurologist at First Choice Neurology with a patient.This partnership underscores the importance of cooperation within the healthcare ecosystem and reflects a growing trend towards improving access to specialized services. By joining forces, First Choice Neurology and Florida Blue are dedicated to enhancing healthcare accessibility and quality for patients with neurological conditions in Florida. Whether seeking treatment for epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or any other neurological disorder, patients can now access First Choice Neurology’s expertise with the peace of mind that comes from having comprehensive insurance coverage.

Additionally, First Choice Neurology has an MRI Center, Comprehensive Multiple Sclerosis Centers, Sleep Centers, Infusion Centers, a Physical & Occupational Therapy Center, Pain Management Center, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center, Nutrition and Wellness Center, and offers Neurodiagnostic Tests.

This collaboration not only benefits patients but also highlights the commitment of both organizations to improving healthcare outcomes and quality of life for individuals across the state. Together, First Choice Neurology and Florida Blue are poised to make a significant impact on the lives of patients with neurological conditions, ensuring that they receive the specialized care they need and deserve.

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