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KISUNLA: The NEW Alzheimer’s FDA Approved Medication

Are you familiar with Kisunla, the newly FDA-approved medication for Alzheimer’s disease?

FDA Approved Kisunla for Alzheimer's

The Food and Drug Administration approved Lilly’s Kisunla (donanemab) earlier this week for mild or early cases of dementia caused by Alzheimer’s. It’s only the second drug that’s been convincingly shown to delay cognitive decline in patients, following last year’s approval of a similar drug from Japanese drugmaker Eisai.

Kisunla slowed cognitive decline by up to 35%. It is the first and only amyloid plaque-targeting therapy that uses a treatment regimen based on amyloid plaque removal. Once a month infusion for 30 minutes reduced amyloid plaques on average by 84% which can result in lower treatment costs and fewer infusions.

Neurologists who treat Alzheimer’s patients say the approval of Kisunla is an important step after decades of failed experimental treatments.

Dr. Jeff Gelblum, a senior neurologist at First Choice Neurology and one of the country’s leading experts on anti-amyloid treatment for the management of Alzheimer’s disease, will summarize this week’s exciting approval of Lilly’s new anti-Alzheimer medication, Kisunla.

Dr. Gelblum is considered a global thought leader in the neurologic treatment of dementia, seizure disorders, Parkinson’s, diabetic and peripheral nerve disorder, familial amyloid polyneuropathy, trauma, and chronic pain, and has hosted educational symposia in the U.S. and overseas.

He maintains numerous research FDA-sponsored affiliations, providing patients immediate access to promising new treatment protocols.

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About Kisunla™ (donanemab-azbt)
Kisunla™ (donanemab-azbt) (pronounced kih-SUHN-lah) is an amyloid-targeting treatment for people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) as well as people with mild dementia stage of early symptomatic Alzheimer’s disease, with confirmed amyloid pathology. Kisunla can cause serious side effects, including amyloid-related imaging abnormalities, or ARIA, and infusion-related reactions. Kisunla is a prescription medicine administered intravenously every four weeks, 700 mg for the first three doses and 1400 mg thereafter. 

About Lilly 
Lilly is a medicine company turning science into healing to make life better for people around the world. We’ve been pioneering life-changing discoveries for nearly 150 years, and today our medicines help more than 51 million people across the globe. Harnessing the power of biotechnology, chemistry and genetic medicine, our scientists are urgently advancing new discoveries to solve some of the world’s most significant health challenges: redefining diabetes care; treating obesity and curtailing its most devastating long-term effects; advancing the fight against Alzheimer’s disease; providing solutions to some of the most debilitating immune system disorders; and transforming the most difficult-to-treat cancers into manageable diseases. With each step toward a healthier world, we’re motivated by one thing: making life better for millions more people. That includes delivering innovative clinical trials that reflect the diversity of our world and working to ensure our medicines are accessible and affordable. To learn more, visit and, or follow us on FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn. P-LLY

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