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First Choice Neurology Research Center 2 Clinical Trials

First Choice Neurology Research Center 2 offer clinical trials in Miami for Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and other neurological disorders.

clinical trials in Miami

AD mission Study by Eisai (Study is ongoing but closed for enrollment)

Elenbecestat is an oral BACE (beta-amyloid cleavage enzyme) inhibitor agent with a low side effect profile. MCI (mild cognitive impairment) and mild AD (Alzheimer’s disease) dementia patients. MMSE 24 and above. Age limit is 85.


BAN2401 by Eisai

BAN2401 is a humanized monoclonal antibody that targets the protofibrils of beta amyloid before they aggregate into amyloid plaques. This phase 3 trial allows patients ages 50-90, including mild cognitive impairment and early dementia (MMSE 22-30) and is designed to have an open-label extension for 2 years or until the drug is available on the market.

For this infusion trial, patients must be able to have MRIs. Informant/study partner needed.
Patients get a free amyloid PET CT during screening for this study.
Information about phase 2 results is available here:


Harmony Study by Acadia

This is a Nuplazid/Pimavanserin study for Dementia Patients with hallucinations and/or delusions ages 50-90. (Dementia-related Psychosis). ALL TYPES of Dementia are allowed and MRIs are not needed. Informant/study partner needed.


Periscope Study by Lilly

(LMDC trial) This is for Alzheimer’s disease and MCI patients. MMSE 22 and above. This is an infusion study with anti-TAU monoclonal Antibody. Patients will require TAU PET CT and MRI brain. Ages 60-85. Informant/study partner needed.


PRESENCE Study by Lilly

(HBEH trial). This is a Parkinson’s disease Dementia (PDD) Study. Ages 40-85. At least 2 years of Parkinson’s disease. Hoehn and Yahr Stages 1 to 4. Patients with DLB (Lewy body dementia) also qualify for the study. This is a novel dopamine D1 receptor subtype (D1PAM) positive Dopamine allosteric modulator being tested to enhance cognition in PDD.


SPARC Early Parkinson’s Disease Study

This is a novel TKI compound (K0706) that prevents the neurodegeneration induced by MPTP in animal models. Age ≥ 50 years. Diagnosed with “Clinically Probable PD”. For treatment naïve patients, with a documented onset of symptoms within three years of the Screening visit. Disease severity Hoehn & Yahr stage ≤ 2 and not expected to start dopaminergic therapy within 9 months from baseline.


Contact Information for Referrals:

Nicole Good
Phone: 1-833-REACH VIN (732-2484)
Fax: 954-900-1623


First Choice Neurology Research Center 2

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