First Choice Neurology


First Choice Neurology Welcomes NeuroPros Doctors in Plantation, Florida

First Choice Neurology (FCN) – the largest neurology group in Florida welcomes Dr. Ramesh Gopalaswamy, Dr. Veena Subramanian, and Dr. Bruce Zaret of NeuroPros in Plantation, Florida.   Ramesh Gopalaswamy, MD Dr. Ramesh Gopalaswamy has been practicing neurology since 2000. He specializes in general neurology and neuro-ophthalomology. His specialties include neurology, headaches and migraines, stroke,…

September is Healthy Aging Month

Healthy aging starts with living a healthy lifestyle. What is a healthy lifestyle? It is one that slows down the oxidation that will cause our eventual destruction. We are mortal; that is not news. Oxidation is defined chemically as the transfer of electrons, where one thing gains one, and the other loses one. Free radicals…

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