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Am I Safe if My COVID-19 Blood Test is Antibody Positive?

On Monday, April 20, Dr. Jeffrey Gelblum will present a Facebook Live event at 12:30 (Eastern Time) to talk about COVID-19 and blood tests that are antibody positive. Dr. Gelblum will educate us about antibody tests and COVID-19.

What are Antibodies?

Antibodies are proteins that can stick to the surface of bacteria and viruses. They are found in our blood. Each antibody is different. They are designed to attack only one kind of antigen (virus). The body makes antibodies in response to many illnesses and infections.

What are COVID-19 Antibody Tests?

Antibody tests check to see if a person has previously been infected with COVID-19 and recovered, and now could be immune to the disease.

The tests look for two kinds of antibodies: immunoglobulin M (IgM) and G (IgG). The body quickly produces IgM antibodies for its initial attack against infections. It makes IgG antibodies more slowly and retains them longer; IgG antibodies suggest possible immunity.

Antibody tests - Facebook LiveFacebook Live Event

Am I Safe if My COVID-19 Blood Test is Antibody Positive?
Monday, April 20 at 12:30 ET

If you would like to ask Dr. Gelblum questions about COVID-19 or antibody tests, you can submit your questions before or during the Facebook Live event.



About Jeffrey Gelblum, MD

Dr. Jeffrey Gelblum is a Neurologist with First Choice Neurology. He has offices in Aventura and Midtown Miami, Florida.

Dr. Gelblum has successfully treated thousands of patients from South Florida, and around the world. He is considered a global thought leader in the neurologic treatment of dementia, seizure disorders, Parkinson’s, Familial Amyloid Polyneuropathy, trauma, and chronic pain, and has hosted educational symposia in the U.S. and overseas.

He maintains numerous research FDA-sponsored affiliations, providing patients immediate access to promising new treatment protocols.

Dr. Gelblum serves as an expert consultant to the State of Florida and Federal Court system on matters of neurologic injury and disability.

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