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Virtual Neurology Office via Telehealth

Written by Jeffrey Gelblum, MD

A “Virtual Neurology Office” is a fully functional neurology office accessible online via new Telehealth technology.

The physicians of First Choice Neurology have pioneered the use of Telehealth to enable patients anywhere in the world to access their neurology doctor without ever setting foot in a physical office. This is a great tool for patients who are traveling out of town, busy at work, feeling sick, lacking transportation, or just wishing to stay at home.

The cutting-edge platform permits the doctor to conduct a face-to-face virtual office visit on a remote basis from his desktop to your online device. It is simple to schedule.


Virtual Neurology Office - TelehealthHow does a Virtual Neurology Office Work?

The patient calls the doctor’s office to set up a regular appointment. At the designated encounter time, the physician sends a link to the patient’s cell phone, tablet, or desktop. The patient clicks the link and is instantly brought into the online virtual neurology office for a face to face encounter.

Unlike a simple doctor’s phone call, the virtual neurology office offers all the aspects of a typical neurologic exam — history, physical exam as permitted via high-resolution audio and video interface (the microphone and camera of your smartphone or desktop), diagnostic and lab test orders, electronic prescriptions, and referrals to other providers and services such as physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, counseling, social work, etc. A thorough record of the televisit is documented in the patient file.

Insurance companies and now Medicare reimburse the cost of the visit, recognizing the value of this comprehensive on-demand encounter to maintain good patient health.


Dr. Gelblum and his Telehealth Virtual Neurology Office

Dr. Jeff Gelblum has used Telehealth for quite some time and maintains a busy virtual neurology office in addition to his “brick and mortar” practice.

Telehealth on mobile deviceGelblum states, “for the past few years, I have employed telehealth technology to provide office visits for those patients who are out of town, busy at home, on vacation, tied up at work, or too ill to travel to the doctor’s office. It is a virtual “house call” that allows me to do everything necessary to make sure that my patients are well cared for. The technology is easy, fast, and easily embraced by all my patients. My older patients particularly appreciate the convenience, and face-to-face contact. The younger ones find it fun!”

One of his patients, Mr. Gregory Paul, observes that “telehealth has been a lifesaver when I’m too busy at work to go for my scheduled appointment. The doctor simply sends a text to my cell phone and I am instantly linked to his virtual neurology office. In addition to time saved, it also spares me the expense of driving to the office, parking, and getting stuck in rush-hour traffic on the way home.”

Paul states that Dr. Gelblum is “my virtual neurologist” who provides me great migraine care and treatment from the ease of my smartphone. The doctor’s hi-tech approach has been a life-saver.”

Dr. Gelblum explains further, “The telehealth technology is entirely HIPPA compliant, assuring my patients the high level of privacy which they appreciate and expect. In light of the Covid-19 crisis, whereby most folks have been advised to “shelter in place”, our virtual neurology office has become a daily necessity.”

Dr. Gelblum invites you to learn more about the benefits of Telehealth and the virtual neurology office.

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