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National Infusion Center Association's Annual MeetingElizabeth Brinegar and Nora Herrera of First Choice Neurology attended the National Infusion Center Association’s Annual Meeting last month in Austin, Texas. The National Infusion Center Association (NICA) is a nonprofit patient advocacy organization to provide a national advocacy voice for non-hospital, non-oncology in-office infusion to improve access to safe, high-quality, cost-effective care.

First Choice Neurology is excited to be a member of this great organization. NICA provides high-value resources to educate and care for patients, as well as tools to facilitate the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective care.




infusionWhat is Infusion Therapy?

Infusion therapy or infusion refers to medications delivered intravenously or an IV administration to the patient. Sometimes infusion medications are referred to as injectables or intramuscular and subcutaneous injections. Infusion, intravenous or injectable methods of drug delivery are typically used when oral or pill medications are insufficient or unavailable. Many of the newest medications are Biologic (made or derived from living cells) and cannot be taken orally because they will not remain effective after exposure to the digestive system.

Many infusion medications are prepared at the time of treatment by a medical professional. If the medication is intravenous, it will likely be prepared and added to a bag of IV fluids which is then administered intravenously through an IV catheter placed by the registered nurse.


Conditions Treated with Infusion Therapy

A wide variety of conditions are treated with infusion therapy. First Choice Neurology Infusion Centers treat conditions such as the below, but not limited to:

Multiple Sclerosis, Demyelinating Diseases:
Lemtrada, Ocrevus, Tysabri, and Rituxan Remicade Infusion Therapy

Magnesium Sulfate, DHE, Depakote, and Torardol Remicade Infusion Therapy

CIDP, Guillain Barre, and Myasthenia Gravis Diseases:
IVIG Therapy such as Gamunex, Soliris

Inflammatory Exacerbations:
Solumedrol Remicade Infusion Therapy

Rheumatic Conditions:
Remicade Infusion Therapy

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis:
Radicava Infusion Therapy

Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s Disease:
Entyvio Infusion Therapy


What is an Infusion Center?

An Infusion Center is where infusion or injectable medications are administered intravenously by a healthcare provider as a distinct part of their medical practice. Larger offices may have multiple Infusion Center locations to better accommodate their patients in different parts of town.

florida-infusion-centersAn Infusion Center will have a secluded room where medications are prepared and administered. Infusion Centers are more commonly found in the specialties of Oncology, Hematology, Infectious Disease, Gastroenterology, Rheumatology and others where there are multiple infusible medications for diagnosis in their fields of specialty. Some medical practices are equipped to provide infusions however many physicians find that it’s more efficient and comforting to rely on an infusion center.

Receiving infusion therapy in the hospital will typically take longer than the same infusion in an office-based Infusion Center. As a result, many patients find it difficult to get their infusions in the hospital and value the accessibility and affordability of their local office-based Infusion Center. Hospitals typically charge much higher fees for their services even if they are offering the same or lower level of care for infusion patients.

The National Infusion Center Association believes that the Office-Based Infusion Center is currently the most cost-effective site of care for patients needing infusion therapy. They have a more controlled environment and are often more patient-friendly due to their focus on infusion medication administration.


First Choice Neurology Infusion Centers

First Choice has 3 Infusion Centers located in Southern Florida. Our Infusion Centers are located in Kendall, Pembroke Pines, and Boca Raton.

First Choice Pines Infusion
700 N. Hiatus Road, Suite 203
Pembroke Pines, FL 33026
(954) 516-6025

First Choice Kendall Infusion
9090 SW 87th Court, Suite 201
Miami, FL 33176
(305) 412-3336

First Choice Boca Raton Infusion
9970 Central Park Blvd, Suite 207
Boca Raton, FL 33428
(561) 482-1027


Insurance Accepted for Infusion Therapy

Auto Insurance
Care Plus (NON-Capitated PCP)
Coventry (No Medicaid)

Gallagher Bassett
Humana PPO/EPO
Humana Premiere
MMM of Florida

Neighborhood Health Plan
Private HealthCare Systems
TriCare for Life
Workers Comp


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